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3731 Sperryville Pike

Sperryville, VA 22740

Sunday Worship at 11:15 am



On May 6, 1854, a parcel of land was sold by Mrs. Lucy Wood for $25.00 to seven men, the trustees of Sperryville Methodist Church. These men were James Hull, Lyle Millan, William Hopper, William Hopkins, William Alsop, John Partlow and John Buckner. Some of the older people living in 1925 said that the church was built by Messers Bob and Scott Bruce of Fauquier County. The following were the charter members: Mrs. Jane Arnold, Miss Tenny Atkins, Miss Sara Broy, Mrs. Kitty Totten, Mrs. Ann Rudasill, Mrs. George Taylor, Mr. William Hull and the above named board of trustees. Others who were members as far back as the Civil War were: Mrs. Fanny Bruce, Mrs. Beech, Mrs. Jenny Thompson, Mrs. Sallie Hyde, Mrs. Frank Millan, Miss Ann Millan and Miss Lina Johnson. The first minister to hold services in this church was Rev. James B. Fitzgerald, who married Miss Lizzie Dear of Washington, during his pastorate here. In 1915, during the pastorate of the Rev. A.P. Williams, the old church was torn down and the present church built on the same site. During the time of rebuilding, services were held in the Masonic Hall. The cornerstone was laid with Masonic Ceremonies, August 12, 1915, conducted by the Rev. Dr. T.W. Hooper of Culpeper, who made the address. Bishop Collins Denny dedicated the church in 1928 during the District Conference which was held that year in Sperryville. Sunday School Superintendents have been: Mr. William Hull, Mr. John Schwartz, Mrs. Joseph F. Johnson, Mr. James Estes, Mr. Fremont Menefee, Mr. John Strole, Mr. Raymond Dodson, and Mr. Sidney Perry. The church was redecorated during the pastorate of the Rev. L.C. Vaughan. Chimes were installed during the pastorate of the Rev. O.W. Lynch. The latest improvement is the memorial window installed in 1951. This window was presented by Mr. James A. Estes in memory of his wife, Mrs. Ella V. Estes. The following is the list of Ministers that have served the Church since the building was erected: Charles H. McGee, M.A. Davidson, W.A.S. Conrad, Richard Ferguson, R.T. Clarke, H.J. Brown, T.G. Pullen, P.M. Bell, A.P. Williams, W.A. Osser, C.C. Jones, J.K. Holman, C.L. Salmon, J.H. Abernathy, D.L. Hager, L.H. Youell, S.W. Wilkinson, L.C. Vaughan, O.W. Lynch, E.E. Henley, Norman J. Flythe, David Menchhofer, H.G. Thach, and A.D. Goodson.  ~ From The Rappahannock News, Volume 7 – Number 13, approximatly 1974 or later

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